Kalev trying on his Mutt Muffs

Kalev trying on his Mutt Muffs

Here’s Kalev wearing his ear muffs and thinking “why mom? why?”
He found out yesterday when we went to the firing range.

Kalev’s blanky.


When Kalev graduated from his training he received a small blanket to take with him to places to use as a “settle” spot.

We brought it with us on our trip.

At the airport


Watching the people go by.

The Requisite “Awwwww” Picture

This is Kalev, asleep on my bed, with his lampchop plushy toy (it has squeakers too).

This is Kalev, napping on my bed.

This is Kalev, napping on my bed.

If he weren’t so beautiful I’d have kicked him off the bed already!

We Passed! Kalev is now a Service Dog.

We Passed! Kalev is now a Service Dog.

Kalev giving me kisses after we finished our exam.

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