studying update

My spanish went well this morning but for some reason my math is in a completely different ball park. I know the process for unit conversion but all the addition and basic multiplication errors I’m making are destroying my work. bleh.
Maybe I’ll come back to it later.

What I can’t do when I can’t sleep…

That is, if I have internet access and I’m not cowering under the blankets hugging Keegan.

THE most awesome learning site in existence (and it’s totally free). This site allowed me to pass pre-algebra via an “online learning” course (ie. no teacher).
It reinforced what I was studying in my algebra course and gave me more practice problems (and I passed that course with an A).

Now, I go back and review what I’ve learned every so often and am making my way into trigonometry.

School Note-taker cont..

The young woman was more than put-off I guess when I declined to do the note-taking procedure her way instead of the school’s way.

She told the instructor that she decided to not take notes.
This is fine I think, it means that I’ll have to do the first couple of weeks without any backup notes but… probably a better deal to just not have to deal with her, even if I don’t get any notes for the class at all.

School accommodations

My disability is well documented. So I have the option of using some accommodations. These are supposed to make the learning field a bit more equal. Or at least give me a chance of keeping up.

One of the accommodations is “note-sharing”. An announcement is made that any student who takes good notes may, if selected, have those notes photo-copied (at no charge to themselves) and be paid $100.00 at the end of the semester.

Granted, $100 isn’t a lot of money but if you are one of those people that take extensive notes it’s an easy $100.

Usually, the notetaker never knows who the notes are for.
I’ve never been too terribly concerned about that, and never made any special effort to conceal it, until today.

The young woman who signed up to take my notes said in front of the entire class, “you’re the one I’m taking notes for right?” and then proceeded to tell me how it would work, which was not the way it would work actually.

She said we could go and make copies during the 10-15 minute break between lecture and lab.

Unfortunately, I am using that break time to go to a separate room and take my quiz. I get accommodations yes, but I frequently have to give up something else that the other students aren’t aware of. In this case it’s the chance to go to the restroom, stuff a granola bar down before lab starts, chat, etc.

So I said, in what I hoped was a nice mellow voice that, unfortunately I wouldn’t be able to go with her while she copied the notes as I had other responsibilities during the break time. But that if she went to the OSD office they would explain everything to her while she signed the W-2 form they required. She shot back with “well the other girl I took notes for did it this way and that worked!” and I sort of glanced at her with a puzzled smile and walked to my desk.

Shen THEN turned around in her desk, so she was facing me as I was sitting further back, and started telling the young man right behind her that she didn’t really want to take the notes anyway and a few more bits about my character.

I seriously thought about telling her right then that I would prefer to find a different notetaker as I would not want to inconvenience her but I kept my mouth shut.

As she spent the rest of the break bitching and moaning about the use of logarithms in the problems and it wasn’t fair because she hadn’t taken algebra yet (err… does no one read the prerequisites these days?) I am hoping that she will find the class too rigorous for her liking and drop the class. At which point the instructor will re-announce the need for a notetaker.


I’ve started making flashcards for this semesters class. I’ve never been a big flashcard user because they just didn’t make any impact to me when I was asking them of myself.

But I thought I’d try it.

And this time I have someone to test me with them.
One of the guys is adamant that he doesn’t want to learn anything but he’s perfectly willing to ask me my flashcards. It cracks me up!

So we’re sitting there, me sitting on a short half crate and using an upturned bucket for my desk with my book and homework. Steve sitting across from on the concrete landing for the electrical box, a new young guy hanging out on the grass with a very dapper fedora, and Steve quizzing me with the flashcards.

Then this very trim put-together young woman pulls up and offers to bring a van on Wednesday and take us all to dinner if we’ll all go to church afterwards.
The poor woman was obviously a little uncertain and looked a bit nervous. I did admire her courage to go approach a bunch of unknown persons who might be “dangerous” in the name of her church.

We all politely turned down her offer of church and traded names.

Then she left and Steve went back to quizzing me on my chemistry flashcards.
(but he isn’t learning anything!)

But now class is NOT canceled

I’m so confused!

Actually, now its clear though it wasn’t to most of us.

My chem lecture has two sections meeting at once.
Each section has an attached lab.

Turns out that there weren’t enough students registered for the Thurs lab so those two sections (thurs lab & thurs lecture) were canceled.

But Tuesday lab and lecture are still ongoing.

Which is sort of cool because now my lecture class only has 18 students instead of 36.

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