One of the fun things to buy…

Is a shower curtain.

Yes, I know. That’s silly, especially since I usually end up with the boring clear liner. BUT… there’s so many shower curtains in so many fun patterns and designs it’s always one of my fun things to browse through all the possibilities.

Family place

The new apt complex seems to be a family type place.

My apt is in the building right next to the office, pool, and laundry room. So everything is close for me.

Since the weather here is already in the upper 80’s, the pool is already open.
Yesterday was a blast from the past.
The playground was full of kids swinging from the playscape, little tiny bicycles, and mothers with strollers.
The pool was full of kids chattering and laughing. Parents with toddlers in the baby pool, parents with slightly older kids taking their first awkward strokes and kicks in the big pool. And a few older kids doing cannonballs and laying out.
Then throw in the ice cream man and his jingling cart bells.
Halcyon summer days.

If this is a fair representation of the complexes inhabitants then I think I chose a really good place to live.
Time will tell.

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