Camper coming down.

Sam and I finally connected time and day and met up to de-construct the camper on my truck.

Actually, Sam did almost all the work. I was there to hold this piece or that piece and pick up stray screws. Sam had the circular saw.

I snapped some photos during the takedown…





I got home about 7:30am and promptly went in to take a nap. I dozed about 3 hours, I didn’t actually sleep because the bed was so darned comfortable that my brain was constantly going “ohhhh! soft! so comfy!”.
Keegan got on the bed the same time as I did and hasn’t moved yet. For all I know she may be on the bed for the rest of the day! ๐Ÿ˜€

My mind is all a whirl.

Right now all I want to do is get re-aquainted with my apartment and let my thoughts start to percolate and sort themselves out a bit.

I’ll update in a couple days.

Thanks you all!

It’s happened.

A herd of small, extremely active, young creatures have moved into the apartment above me.
One would assume that there are also parental units, at least one, though I’ve neither seen nor heard any evidence of such.

I don’t have any illusions that the parents will do anything to keep the noise under control; and really, the old standby, “go outside and play” isn’t an option these days.
So how can I complain?
What other option do the parents have?

But I do hope that the ceiling doesn’t fall in, at least not while I’m living here.


So my one and only cup has sprung a leak. (It was one of the REI double walled plastic ones.)

It seems I can’t put off going out and buying a couple of new mugs any longer.

I don’t wanna buy dinnerware! Or breakfast-ware.

But I DO want to be able to drink coffee in the morning (which I make every morning in the little french press Roxanne sent me).

good natured grumbling

I’m a crotchety old person.

The apartment complex has a pool. The pool is open whenever the office feels like it, when they feel like it does not in anyway match the “scheduled” hours.

But, it does seem that they usually open the pool around 3:30pm, when all the kids start swarming to the pool like june bugs to a screen door. (actually, I think the june bugs are swarming to the light, but I’m not sure; all I know is that they can cover a screen door so thick you’d have better luck going out a side window)

The one constant is that if the pool is open, it will close promptly at 9pm. Locked. Chained and locked.

I’ve been hoping to wait until all the little rugrats (anyone under the age of 25, I did say I was getting crotchety, right?) go home for supper, or homework, or even bed. But they don’t go! Do these kids just not *do* homework? (apparently not if my upstairs neighbor and her daughter are typical).

Sigh. Big drawn out dramatic sigh.

I want to do my stationary swimming and my water jogging. I’m old. They should humour me! I had to humour old people when *I* was a kid!


My truck is almost empty enough to take off the front and back panel. This will help tremendously with gas mileage and drivability.

I’ve had to go slow unloading it so I didn’t overload myself (and my limited number of spoons:

I’ll leave the sides on, and maybe the top, because those walls will still be useful for unloading my small storage shed.

It’s amazing how much I had crammed in there. I mean, I know I’m a master at packing stuff in but really… this time I’ve surprised even myself.

I need mixing bowls!

arghgh… I dug out my well-packed (safe from critters) cornbread and brownie mix and have started preparing myself to do some baking at least twice now when I realized that I *still* haven’t bought any mixing bowls.

This re-integrating business is tough enough with the big things, it’s the little things that really throw me for a loop though. :p

So I guess I have a trip to Target this evening to go get mixing bowls. I did get baking dishes last week. Why I didn’t get mixing bowls at the same time I don’t know. (mystified shrug)

I finally got out grocery shopping.

I figured Easter Sunday would be a great time to hit the store, all the usual shoppers would be home stuffed too full to move. But no… apparently they hadn’t actually done any of the cooking yet and were frantically attempting to do their last minute shopping so they could create their Easter masterpiece. Or maybe they had finished eating and the crowd was so large that now there was not a single bite of food in the entire house and in self-defense they had to run out and restock.
Either way, it was busy. Very busy.

But I did manage to come out with almost everything on my list (I know the store and thankfully they haven’t succumbed to the usual “rearrange every aisle and what’s on the specific aisles” mentality yet).

While I was in the store I realized that I could cook again! Plantains! Sweet Potatoes! Tofu! (only in stir fry and curry) Pancakes!!! Rice Pudding!
As an added bonus for my shopping trauma I got 3 marranitos warm from the oven. ๐Ÿ˜€

Reintegrating is difficult.

I’ve been thinking about this post for several days now and I’m still not sure if I can adequately describe the situation, especially without sounding whiny. I’m not feeling whiny about it but I want to adequately describe it, so here goes…

I love being back in an apartment. I love not being homeless. But it is difficult to jump into the whole “housed” mentality again.
When I was homeless all my energy was spent surviving; I wasn’t worried about what people expected of me, because they didn’t expect anything of me.
Now, people expect an awful lot of me. Even just the basic things like being sociable.

I’m having difficulty keeping track of all the things I’m supposed to be doing.
Even the things that are supposed to be fun, were fun in a past life, that I’d love to get into again as soon as possible, right now those things are pressure to re-integrate.

I spent 6 months being fairly isolated. Now I’m supposed to jump back into society and go here and go there and do this and that, all with lots of people.

People at my apartment complex want to be sociable (this is a good thing but rather overwhelming) and I want to be sociable back but I also want/need my alone/quiet time.

I have the gift of a years membership at my old rowing club but I’m so out of shape and so not used to being around people or being evaluated on my skill (rowing technique) that I’m finding it hard to take advantage of the gift.

It’s a lot to deal with after being so alone and quiet for so long.

My new bed.

I am absolutely loving my new bed. It’s incredibly comfortable and I sleep so well. I still wake up at 3 in the morning but when I am asleep I sleep well.

Some Ikea furniture is NOT meant to be assembled by 1 person.

So I mentioned a post ago that I purchased the Ikea IVAR 3 section bookcase. I like it, very open, very “light” looking (so far as a bookcase can look light). And it fits the wall perfectly.
But it was so not meant for one person to put together alone. I’ve spent two hours this morning holding one piece with a leg while balancing another piece with a hand, and using my other hand to swing around and place shelves. If I had a tail I’d have been using that too!

I now have enough of it put together that it can hold itself together and I can see the outline of how it will look. It will look good.

Yesterday was a good day

My bed and my rice/porridge cooker both showed up, and I got a package from Roxanne with an itty bitty (exactly what I wanted) coffee press (and a few other bits and pieces currently being put to use) in it; thanks Roxanne!

My bed is extremely comfortable, though I did wake up at 3am again.
My rice/porridge cooker cooked rice beautifully last night and I’ll see how well the timer works this morning if/when it turns on automatically and cooks my porridge for breakfast.
My coffee press will be pressed (ha!) into service this morning.

After the mattress people dropped off my mattress I decided that I had just enough time to hightail it to Ikea and pick up the IVAR shelves (basic pine, open design) I’d decided on. Good decision.
I got there an hour before closing, got what I needed without a lot of window shopping (difficult to do in Ikea) and made it home by 10pm.

Today I’ll put together the shelves; easy enough to do but I need to put the cross braces on and anchor them to the wall.
Then I can start getting stuff off of the floor and organized. That will help a lot with my mental status. I like to know where things are, which is difficult if everything is stuffed into various plastic bags and scattered haphazardly across the floor.

That’s enough for now. ๐Ÿ™‚


My rice/porridge cookerAND my bed show up today!

Someone gave me some sheets so I’m all set for when the bed gets here. I’m very excited!

First night

Tonight is the first night I’ve spent in my new place.

I don’t have my bed yet, it gets delivered tomorrow evening; but Keegan is sharing her dog bed and we’re fine.
I could have waited, spent the night at my friends house again but I really wanted to experience my own space again. I wanted to get used to my place, spend some time organising and visualising.

It’s good here.

Moving Tasks.

Today I purchased a broom/dustpan set and a toilet bowl cleaner. Yes. Cleanliness.

I intended to purchase a shoe rack to put by the front door. I went to Target, got it, measured my shoes to make sure they were large enough to use the shoe rack, then took it to the cashier to pay. All their phones/lines were down so they were only accepting cash. So I walked out without the shoe rack. Pffft.

I moved a lot of stuff out of the truck, books mostly. The truck seems to be driving easier now though much more buffeted by the wind. Hmmmm… ๐Ÿ˜€

Then I went to the local B&N bookstore to meet the lady I knit the purse for. I managed to get out without buying a single book. A rare feat for me.

And I started knitting some potholders for myself for my own kitchen. Woohooo! They’re lambswool so when they’re knitted I’ll run them through a hot wash and let them felt. That will make them thicker and more useful as pot holders.
I have 3 bright colours that will really brighten up the kitchen. I plan on making sets of various sizes, so trivet size, hand size, maybe even a couple “glove” styles (knit one long rectangle, then sew it up into a square “mitt”).
I’m using a “moss” stitch. It’s perl 1/ knit 1, alternate each row. It turns out a very insulated fluffy weave.

Tomorrow is washing sheets and towels someone gave me, washing the mattress pad for the new bed, and washing the sheets of the guest bed where I’ve been staying. So lots of laundry.
And then more changing of address tasks. I got some of it done online over the weekend but many are easier to do by phone so will get done tomorrow.

Wednesday evening my mattress gets delivered.
Next Monday my internet gets connected.

Life is good.

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