oops.. one potentiometer down..

I’m not very good with my meter yet. And in my own defense, keeping those leads on the correct bits of wire is tricky.

On the plus side I got to see what happens when you blow a potentiometer up. *spiuut! zzzzz! pop.*

Back to my circuits…

First purse done

Here’s pics of the first purse I’ve made.

It’s lined with cotton cloth and has a brass zipper.

I originally made a linked chain strap but lost it so I knitted up a yarn strap.
(I’m sure the chain strap will show up some time.)



For the child in your life…

Inner or otherwise.


Still can’t sleep…

Since I’m not able to sleep right now I’m attempting to learn “Intarsia”. It’s a knitting technique that allows many colours to be used in a piece of knitting. It’s how those beautiful Fair Isle sweaters are made.

So far I’ve had a big mess and started over once. I’ve got the general idea but implementing it without getting my yarn all tangled and knotted will be the learning curve.

Here’s the pattern I’m using.. I’m using size 4 needles and fine yarn so the size comes out to fit the dimensions of a Nook colour.

Wish me luck, I may need it for this project!

One version of the Tardis

Knitting Chart for Dr. Who's Tardis

Better pictures of the cup cozies

I found a white cup that works better for the photos.

The camo cozy fits larger mugs as well, hence the two buttons. It also has a base so no water rings on the table.




New Routines

I mentioned that I’m working on building new routines.

This is some of the stuff I’m doing and some of the stuff that I’m working my way up to doing. Some of it is planned but not yet happening.

So far I have 4 things that I try to do every day. (barring migraines and other assorted illness/injuries).
1. 1 hour of Khan Academy math study
2. 1 hour of Rosetta Stone Spanish, Latin America, study
3. 20 minutes of walking or jogging outside
4. 3 items off of my “to-do” list, this usually involves errands such as…

  • – the post office
  • – pay bills online
  • – call old bills/collection agencies and pay off debts
  • – call trainers and dog rescue orgs about dogs
  • – search for, call, or arrange visits of rental properties
  • – check and verify, keep track of, VA medical appts
  • – chiro appts
  • – refill various medications
  • – and other various errands that pop up like getting a new phone, dropping off paperwork, requesting paperwork, all sorts of little things.
  • Soon, I hope my list will include items such as..

  • daily dog sitting visits
  • dog training sessions with clients
  • general housekeeping/nanny support – this one not any time soon though
  • ad hoc repair and altering business by word of mouth only
  • tri-weekly rowing sessions with rowing team
  • 1 hour a day of knitting small items for side craft business
  • I need apple earbuds…

    First, if you have an apple earbuds cluttering your junk drawers that you’d just as soon get rid of… I could use them.

    Second, the reason! You all know I’m knitting. I’ve been experimenting with knitting cotton/cloth covers onto earphone cables/cords. I started the first one because I wanted to see if it would stop the tangling. It does.
    The second one I thought more of matching the case. It does. 🙂

    This might be an awesome seller. The only problem is that I have to knit directly onto the cord/cable. Look closely at the pink set of earbuds and you’ll see why.
    So whatever I might sell has to be done in advance (though I could probably do special orders once I got established).

    Someone who reads my blog suggested that I put out a call for some apple earbuds as most people don’t use them, instead using their own personal favorite set they already own from previous mp3 players/phones.

    Now, stating that last paragraph might make some of you wonder why I’d ask for the earbuds that people aren’t using… because, even though people have their own favorites, the apple earbuds have a good reputation for quality. So, if it’s the hand knit cover that intrigues them, people are more likely to buy them on the spur of the moment I believe because they’re a known quality.

    I think that I could match most of the Otter Box cases, then I’d go with pastels to cover as large a section of cases. Then a few brighter neon colours.

    Here’s a couple photos…
    The green is the first one I did. The earbuds don’t work… 😦
    The second is the apple earbuds and was an experiment for covering the Y junction.

    First experiment.

    Second experiment, covering the Y

    Cord matching the phone

    Photos of the completed dish cloths so far…

    Set of 3 dish cloths

    First of next set, shows the pattern.

    Close up of pattern

    first set of dishcloths knitted

    I’ve been working on coming up with ideas for knitted items to sell. Something small enough I could actually make money off it.

    I’ve just finished my first set of 3 dishcloths in coordinating colors.
    The first one took a while but now I know the pattern and the last one went much faster.

    I’ll post pictures in a bit.

    knitting is coming along

    I got the first of three “dishcloths” done today in a waffle pattern. This one is a variegated yarn, the other two will be solid colours contained in the variegated pattern.

    It took quite a while to make this first one but now that I’ve got it I think the remaining two will knit up quite a bit faster.

    I’ll take pictures this time!

    I’ve also got my first “Starbucks” coffee cup sleeve done. It will fit any of those coffee cups at any of the coffee shops but the pattern called it the “Starbucks Coffee” sleeve.
    It’s okay, I’m not entirely happy with it. I’ll be experimenting with various other styles for a bit.

    yarn received!

    I got some yarn in the mail from Alyce and Holly!

    It’s recycled from soda bottles. Awesome!
    I think that will be handy advertising when I make whatever I make; should make it easier to sell here in this eco-conscious area.

    Plus some “fun” yarn. 😀
    That stuff is called fun for a reason. It’s easy and fun to work with and it adds a lot of “life” or pizzazz to items.

    And the yarn is all colour compatible.

    My knitting/selling saga so far…

    I have learned to knit basic items. I have even learned how to knit while wearing the hand braces. I’m getting better!

    So the Christmas family mother/wife was asking if I’d be interested in selling my knitted products.
    I said sure!
    So she checked with some of her co-workers (she works in sales) and said there was a woman who was interested I seeing my work.
    So I give her a couple of items to show as samples of my work, but they were just samples, not items to sell.
    She was good with that. We just wanted to let the prospective seller see the quality of my work.

    So she takes the items to church and lays them on the chair of the potential seller so that she can take a look at them.

    Turns out that sometime during the day (between services? Between sunday school and sermon?) the prospective seller actually sold the sample items.

    Now, one of those sample items was a gift, custom made to his measurements and colors.
    She sold it for $10.

    My knapsack, that cost me $10 in supplies, not counting the 2-3 days it took to make, she sold for $25 and said that was pretty much the top price she would be able to get for such an item.

    Neither of those items was for sale.

    Then the potential seller graciously says that since I didn’t tell her in advance how much the minimum price was that she would go ahead and give me the full price this one time. But anything else would be a 60/40 split.

    Oh, and I would have to line the backpack and use straps of some different material that’s stronger. Whoa baby… You just increased the cost of my supplies by 2, possibly 3 times depending on what you demand for straps.

    I understand that she was just being a go-getter, pro-active, showing her worth as a seller; I am not pleased though.

    You know how some people keep their first bill, that was my first knapsack and it was special to me. I was actively using that knapsack.
    And how much extra effort and joy you put into making something for your best friend? That was the hat and it was worth all the extra smiles I put into it. But now a total stranger has it and has no idea what went into it.

    I’m sure that if my meds were all hunky dory this wouldn’t bother me so much and I’d be more likely to focus on the way the potential seller was doing such an awesome selling job.
    But all I see right now is a pushy woman who either didn’t bother, or didn’t care, to find out that the samples were samples of my work, not merchandise.

    I know I’m too attached to things, even at the best of times, but this was painful.

    knitting patterns

    So far in my knitting career I’ve just knit whatever I wanted, figuring out the patterns as I went along.

    But, if I get into knitting seriously and people actually want to buy things then, in the interest of productivity, it would behoove me to start using existing patterns.

    To that end I have been searching the web for useful free patterns.

    So far the few that I’ve found and kept include the likes of…
    …reversible scrubber dishclothes
    …various scarves
    …cases for electronic devices
    …cozies for cans/cups/etc
    …a few cute yet very simple hats
    …string shopping bags
    …simple drawstring bags

    What I’m still looking for are small projects that might take a few hours but not much more.
    If you were in the market for goodies what would you find interesting?
    If you find your interest caught by an item at the local flea market, box store, small knick knack store.. tell me.

    I need yarn!

    There is a possibility that I might be able to start selling some of my knitted products. Bags, hats, scarves, whatever I can come up with.

    But I need a starting fund. I need to knit up a moderate selection of items for samples.

    Alyce sent me some yarn she found on her city’s free-cycle but I’ve already gone through most of that.

    Most of my projects take a full skein of 364 yards.

    Some of the bags need grommets, a set per bag is $7.00; I would hope to be able to sell those bags for $20 or so.
    I’m also able to make bags without metal grommets, not quite as smooth or as pretty but less expensive.

    I’ve also started using some wool yarn that can be felted after its knit. I expect to be able to sell these for $30 or better as they are more durable and solid. Wool is more expensive but frequently can be found on sale and as long as the type of wool is the same I can combine different colors to make the project large enough.

    So if your elderly auntie has stopped knitting family afghans and would like to donate her bits of yarn, I’d be more than grateful.
    Or if your local hobby shop is having a blow-out of last decades yarns…
    Or perhaps you found your old tabby’s secret stash of yarn behind the furnace ducting in the spare closet, she probably wouldn’t mind if you shared some with me..as long as you don’t tell her…cats aren’t known for being too generous though so do keep your acquisition of her stash quiet.

    Oddments of yarn

    I’ve knitted enough projects now that I’m starting to build up a collection of yarn remnants. But I don’t know what to do with them. All different weights and colours (some of which are variegated), even different materials.

    What should I do with them?

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