Brrrrrr update.

It was in the low 40s in my camper when I woke up this morning.

While I am nice and toasty in my sleeping bag, getting out of my sleeping bag is not fun. I am learning how to move around mummy bag style. 🙂

It’s actually much warmer than it used to be now that the door is finished and the seams are caulked. There are still some places that are left open for ventilation but I’m considering sealing those up for the winter.

I’m so hoping that the box with the fuzzy socks is waiting at the post office for me today!

What a day!

First, my buddy Sam wanted to take me “britches shopping” and get me a new pair of jeans.

I hate shopping. I hate crowded noisy stores. I hate trying on clothes.
I don’t have the “standard” body and pre-made clothes just don’t fit me well, never have.
Now that i’m middle aged, chubby, and “curvy” in all the wrong places, pre-made clthes fit me even less than they did when I was 17% body fat and a size 4.
I challenge anyone to spend 5 hours going from store to store trying on pair after pair without finding anything that doesn’t have half your ass hanging out to still have a good mood at the end!
Anyway, we finally found one pair that fit moderately well, ie. No ass hanging out.
I was starting to silently, mostly silently, whimper at that point so Sam and I took an ice cream cone break while my kid sister went into one of the many young persons stores with the loud music, way too much perfume, and clothes that have never fit anyone other than prepubescent children and store mannequins.

Then on the way home, Sam and I stopped and got guitar strings at the local music store (that cheered me up immensely).

When we got home I started working on the top 1/3 of the door. If you’ve seen the pictures you’ll see that the top 1/3 is open. That section now has a separate door that can either be opened separately or opened with the bottom section. It isn’t painted yet but I hope to get that done this week.

We also looked at the styrofoam insulation at the hardware store so I could get an idea of what it is and how best to use it. I’ll think about that for a week or so Beckett I get a piece and start installing it.

It’s nice and warm tonight, mid-60s. No sleeping bag needed tonight.

Both Keegan and I enjoyed our time out and about today but both of us were more than ready to call it a night and head back to the quiet and solitude of the camper.


I have a thermometer in my camper. I’m not sure I want to look at it.

Tomorrow I finish the door and hopefully put a wind break on the front to help with gas milage.

I will look at insulation but I don’t think I’ll be able to install it tomorrow.
But, if I can find the stuff I’ll install it later this weekend. Brrrrrrrr.

There should be a few pictures next week.

And did I mention…

That I now have an outside lock on my camper?

It took me some time to figure out what type of lock I wanted. It wasn’t just how “strong” it was, I also had to take into account the message the lock would send.

Most of us know that locks are just a way of saying “This is too much trouble to be worth your while, and there’s nothing of any value in here anyway.”

So, given that, it took me a while to figure out what I wanted people to see.

I ended up using a cabinet lock. It’s sturdy enough that it will take more than a good yank to pull it out and that means either a LOT of yanking or tools to pry it open. And either of those would be noticeable.

But it’s also low key (hehe) enough that it doesn’t scream out “Oh! Look what I have!” and that’s important.

The biggest benefit so far is that it makes the slide lock easier to close if the key lock is already closed. Lines the door up better or something.

This weekend I hope to get the top 1/3 of the door finished. So I’ll have a barn door type of setup. I can open the top to let air in if it’s warm or close both.

The other thing I’ve been doing when it’s nice out during the day is leaving the door open but hanging a thick braided rug across the doorway from the ceiling. That’s given me privacy but left a foot and a half or so on the bottom for Keegan to lay down in and watch the world go by. We both seemed to like that arrangement.

Homemaking. Or as the men call it..nesting.

Today I finally stopped by a fabric store and got the “blackout” backing to use as curtains/blinds for my windows.

One of the things that I’ve been being real careful with is having my light on at night. I don’t want to draw notice to myself but I still need to be able to study.

Hopefully this material will block any light from getting out as well as block it from coming in.

I’ve been discussing installation ideas with my friend The Cat (have you seen the new Puss in Boots btw? Was it any good?) and we’re thinking Velcro. Staple one side, the fuzzy side, to the wall and sew the sticky side to the fabric. Staple one end (the top edge in this case) to the wall so that when open I can just roll them up. This should help with keeping track of them.

I got a couple pieces of green felt (for $0.29, woot!) to put on the inside for colour. The side showing out of the camper will be white, like the camper.

I have high hopes for the use of these curtains.

Duct tape.

Thank the deities for duct tape. If the world survives the Zombie Apocolypse it will be due to the multitudinous powers of this magical substance.

But for the pre-zombie apocalypse it does wonders at sealing up “vents” and covering windows during the first cold spell.

If I could find my down booties I’d be set, but they seem to have disappeared. It’s possible they accidentally got sent to the goodwill when they were actually in the other pile. Or they may be buried somewhere in storage instead of in the cab section of the truck where they’re supposed to be.

Overall, it’s pretty okay temperature wise.

I have my oil lantern burning and that gives off a bit of heat. All the gaps are sealed up and the windows are covered.

The camper is rocking a fair bit, the wind is strong, but I don’t think there’s any danger of the truck flipping over. It feels like being in a boat in some waves to me.

I’m wearing my fleece pajamas (I wish I had some of those footy pj’s like when I was a kid) and sort of feel like I’m camping out still.

I wonder how the street guys I met the other day are doing. And the several other mobile homeless people I’ve seen around this past week. I’m the only one I’ve seen with a camper. (I have seen sone RV’s around that I wonder if their people aren’t doing the same thing i’m doing). But trying to keep warm curled up in the backseat of a car is going to be tough.

Keep warm everyone!

First cold snap.

Tonight is the first cold snap of the season. It isn’t really cold yet but the wind is gusting pretty hard.
And the temp is dropping steadily.

I guess i’ll find out how sturdy the camper is and how well Keegan and I keep it warm.

Also, tonight is my first attempt at parking overnight in a small motel parking lot. It’s still on the main road so there will still be a lot of traffic noise.
There was a big sign on one side that said “this area is under 24 hour surveillance”, I hope that means they tape it but only look at it if there’s reason to do so, rather than looking at it and saying “hey, what room is that little truck camper checked into” and then chasing me off.

Latest Camper Pics – Painted

That’s me.. painting.

painting the camper

painting the camper


Nice and Bland Camper

Nice and Bland Camper

The next hobbit house project will be…

I don’t know yet!

There’s a list of things that I either need to do or would like to do.

1. Put a wind break on the front
2. Paint the inside
3. Install some sort of permanent windows
4. Create a “kitchen” corner with my water carrier, camp stove, knife, can opener, venting, etc.
5. Put a slight angle steeped roof on and roof with shingles
6. Put a skylight in the shingled and flat roof for more light
7. Put some sort of siding on (vinyl, shake, etc)


Or at least strongly resistant.

I got the second coat of paint on the walls this morning and the third (final) coat on the roof.

Sam was also kind enough to go by the hardware store with me while we were running around so I got the board I needed to make my shelves.

I have three shelves up now. I may put the fourth one up but I’m not sure yet. I know how to keep the books from sliding around already but haven’t put it together yet.

Now that I’m getting a place for everything, and cutting down on stuff I don’t need (but thought I would), it’s looking and feeling a lot more spacious.

I’m still formulating a stand for my camp stove. One that will allow adequate ventilation but be sturdy enough to not worry about it falling over if Keegan were to jump off the tailgate.
I have ideas but need to visualize them a bit more yet.

I like the emphasis by some of you about this camper being a perfectly valid mobile home vs being homeless and living in your vehicle.
I think that as I get it looking a bit more professional looking that others may start thinking that as well.
Attitude matters.

And maybe one of those glossy magazines would do an article on me! : )

Here’s your chance.. have some input in a tangible way. Though I reserve the right to ignore whatever you suggest. 😀

Ps. No tye dye and no pinstripes. No. Uh-uh.


I took my exam and then headed up north to my buddy sam’s place.

We painted the outside of the camper, I also put another coat on the roof.

Tomorrow morning I’ll put another coat on the walls and see how it looks.

It looks completely different now that it’s painted. It looks.. smaller. And bland.
Though bland may be good.
My kid sister brought me a set of three tin cutout sea turtles from one of her trips a while back. They’re really cool. I’m thinking of putting them on the outside, up high on the side. If I can figured out a really secure way of attaching them. I think they’d give enough decoration without overpowering.
Though.. it might advertise that a woman lives there and that might not be a good thing. So maybe no turtles. They’re such awesome turtles though!

Sam says I should paint it with designs but I’ve vetoed all his design ideas so far. I don’t want to *attract* attention. Just enough to blend in.

I saw vinyl siding at the hardware store when I was getting paint. I think it’d be hilarious to put vinyl siding on it! And some gutters. With a tiny rain barrel on the tailgate. Too expensive though.

And I still need some real windows!

You goin’ on an adventure?

For full effect you need to use a bit of drawl when you read the title. Got it? Ok.

Apparently standing on the roof of your truck caulking a camper just screams “Ask me where I’m going. Come on, ask!”
And I’m okay with that, surprisingly.

Today, one middle aged man asked me if I was going on an adventure. I said, “yeah. I am.” and smiled.
So he asked me where I was going. That’s where I hesitated just a bit, then I decided what the he’ll, I don’t know this guy, why not tell him the truth. So I said, “I’m living in it.”
He looked a bit confused about what to say so I followed up with “it’s an adventure, to be sure!”
He laughed,gave some suggestions about this and that in the building of it, then said “well be careful!” and drove off.

My first time admitting without shame that I’m living in my truck.

Less shame leads to less guilt leads to less stress.

Why my homework isn’t done.

This morning I had my psych appt. This was okay because his office has a water cooler that also has a hot water tap. I was able to make a cup of coffee. Mmmmm.

From there, I went to my friendly Lowes Hardware store.

The past few nights, actually, the great desire to NOT get out of my sleeping bag in the mornings, has reminded me that the weather is changing.

So today I caulked all the seams with waterproof construction adhesive. I did all the cracks and knotholes as well.
Then I put the first two coats of “vinyl elastic” sealer on the roof. It’s used a lot for flat roofs like motorhomes. I’ve got enough left in the can to do two more coats.

This weekend, if the weather is still nice, I’ll paint the walls on the outside.

All the work I did today is invisible to others. The caulk blends in with the wood and the roof is above eye level.

I am curious if the caulking makes it significantly warmer.

For a reward I bought myself a handful of snow peas from the organic veggy aisle. Still less than a dollar but oh so good!

Pics, built but still raw

Okay, here’s the camper as of last week. It’s pretty much built but still unpainted, still uncaulked, still un-weatherproofed.

In the bottom picture you can see my 13 year old border collie, Keegan, sitting in the driver’s seat, ready to go.

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