Door in Progress

Here’s a pic of the door as it is this evening.
The blue tape will come off after the pink stripe is finished.

Eventually, the other half of the door will mirror the painted half.

It’s going to be my bulletin board for pictures and inspirational sayings and what not.

Making something I thought of as an eyesore into something useful and interesting (to me anyway).


servicable desk built

I got enough of the desk built yesterday that I can use it now.
It’s ugly and has no style at all but I *can* use it. As time passes I’ll get to the hardware store and buy some turned legs for it instead of 2x4s and I’ll get some sandpaper to sand the top down nice and smooth.

I still need to put a second shelf on it so that my laptop screen is high enough to use ergonomically.

Meanwhile it’s breakfast and working on my Spanish time.


Today has been good. I’ve slept a fair bit, read some, taken a bit more of the camper apart, spoiled the Keegan, and watched Real Madrid outplay Barcelona ๐Ÿ˜ฆ .

I’ve started measuring the wood panels I took off my camper for use on my new school desk.
Tomorrow, if I’m not too worn out from my friends engagement party tonight. It looks to be quite the shindig, with lots of people and noise. I hope to be able to stay for at least 30 minutes!

People seem to be surprised I’m taking the camper apart. Even though they’ve been watching it come apart in the parking lot over the past week they all stop and so “what you building?” When I say I’m taking it apart they all gasp and say “but why?!”.
It just surprises me.

It’s awesome to see my truck as a truck again, at least more of a truck, than a camper. It will take another week to get the top off, I’ll have to cut it off because I can’t get to the screws under all the layers of paint.

Camper is half dismantled

Wow. The camper did NOT want to come apart.
We ended up hammering and pulling and tearing to get it free.
I guess screws, building “cement” caulk and regular caulk, plus a few layers of paint really hold the pieces together.

Thanks to Sam though we got the front and back off.
Next week it’s take off the top and decide whether to leave a shortened version of the side panels on or take them off completely.

It’s much easier to clean out the detritus and debris with it open.
There’s nothing of value left in there so if someone cleans it out for me it’s no loss for me.

In fact, I think tomorrow I’ll drive down to the dumpster and just start tossing trash.


What to do, what to do…

My external drive is still being scanned and checked and fragged (ok, defragged), and so on and so on; so what to do with my day while I’m sitting here using a friend’s electricity? (ps. thanks friend!)

While I was making my one legged stool last night I saved the other half of what would have been an awesome Gandalf staff to serve as a closet rod.

So today so far has been moving stuff around, drilling, more moving stuff around, more drilling and screwing, a bit of unscrewing, a bit more moving stuff around, a bit more screwing, and then a moment to reflect.

It seems that I have a bit more usable space but also a bit more crowded, not as much open space in the middle.

I have a bit more drilling and screwing to attach eye hooks and coat hooks in various spots; to see what goes best where.

It will take a few days to see if it works.
But now my hand is hurting so I have to go do something non-hand involved, like read a book maybe.


I hate not having the pieces I need on hand!

I was going to tighten up the place a bit today, to do that I need a simple hasp.
But when I got ready to do the tightening up part, was the hasp anywhere to be found?

Nooooooooo. It wasn’t.

And of course it’s the friday before Christmas. Bah! Bah I say!

Oh well. I hope the hardware store is open on Monday. ๐Ÿ˜€

I got tired of standing.. my camper. The only option other than sitting on the floor.

So I made myself a one legged stool.
It’s something to sit on, balanced. You’re own legs are the other two legs. I doesn’t take much room to store.

I wanted to make it collapsible but couldn’t figure it out with the supplies I had at hand. So.. it is a non-collapsible model instead.

I used a branch that I had intended to make a staff out of but I don’t have much use for a staff now and more use for a chair.
Then I used the sink cutout section of wood for the seat.

To make it sturdy enough I went ahead and used metal braces (because I had them available) though it does destroy the possibility of rustic beauty.

It works quite well!

kitchen nook pics

I finally got some of the photos off my camera so here’s a couple shots of my kitchen corner.
This is the “head-on” view, so you can see how the sink sits in the counter.

The second one you have to turn your head sideways.. there doesn’t seem to be any way to rotate pics in wordpress’s photo upload.

I need more of these!

For $2.50 these things are amazing.

Then find some of those little tin boxes at the hobby store and viola!

What I did today..

Most importantly I started doing some things that I should have done a month ago but couldn’t face doing. I started putting some of my things on craigslist. Things I’ve carried with me through 7 or 8 moves, maybe more. Things I don’t want to get rid of. But, it’s started now and that was the most difficult part.

I also did some more work on my camper. I readjusted the braces for my tailgate porch and painted all bits that were new since the last paint job.

This morning, before I started everything, I walked to the grocery store and got some fruit and soda and a doughnut. The delectable sugar bomb (with lemon filling) was in the pastry bag, in the plastic grocery bag, and in the little cardboard carry box. While I was outside painting, Keegan, my darling fuzzball, managed to open all three barriers between her and the doughnut. All without making any noise. By the time my spidey senses were tingling and I glanced inside, Keegan was standing over an empty pastry bag looking mostly innocent. She still hasn’t managed to ever look completely innocent.
I don’t know whether to be proud and amazed that after 13 years she’s learned to be sneaky or to be miffed that she ate my lemon filled doughnut.

It’s warm today!

Sunny and warm.
I think I’ll do some more work on the camper today, some adjustments. Finish painting the underside of my porch overhang and such.

Tonight I’m going to see if I can somehow alter my hammock so that Keegan can be there with me. She’s getting cold at night and I think the body heat will help her. Plus if she’s next to me I can share my sleeping bag with her and keep her warmer that way.

Time to add the insulation.

It’s getting chilly again. And it feels like it means it this time.

I think it would be wise to at least get the insulation on the ceiling.
And maybe on the lower half of the side walls.

When it starts staying cold all day then I might put plastic over the windows.

I also saw some of that rubber flooring that you put together for exercise rooms or cushioning for standing jobs. Enough to do the bed of my truck is $12.00.
I think that might be good insulation for the bed of the truck. Put that down and then put the rug back down on top of it.

Decoration? Or camouflage?

In the quest to make my camper look more like an RV type of setup I am putting out a call for stickers.

From anywhere! (even Pennsylvania) ๐Ÿ˜€

I guess the sticker craze these days is the oval airport designation black on white style but I’m not picky. Any style, from anywhere.

I figure I’ve either been there or I can plan on being there some day in the future.

My address is:
PO Box 2746
Austin TX

Also, if anyone has any ideas about how to make a sign that says something like “This vehicle accelerates slowly, please either pass or be patient.” let me know.

My Onboard Library

I promised more pictures so I’ll try and post some regularly.

Of course the software has bugs so I’ve spent the last hour and a half reconfiguring so that it’ll work again. Hopefully that won’t be the case each time I use it!

Anyone that knows me knows that books are a huge factor in my life. In fact, most of the boxes in my little 5×5 storage unit are books.

But, in the camper, weight is an issue. My truck is only a 4 cylinder and books weigh a ton.

So here are the books in my permanent collection, as of now.

As time passes I’ll hopefully get more and more of my books in ebook form.
Note the prominent placement of the ereader. ๐Ÿ˜€


Anyone know HTML code to rotate this?

How I spent my day.

Well first I got up at a leisurely hour. Keegan did her thing and got some quality sniffing time in. Then we packed up and headed downtown to the post office. Which was closed, see a previous post for my rant on that.

Then we headed to the library. Not much luck there either. I couldn’t log onto their wifi and apparently Spanish speaking adolescents don’t read (and their parents only read self-help or romances).

So we left and cruised back through downtown on our away south to find a place to hang out.

There was a group of people carrying signs about supporting Egypt that had almost as many policemen walking along (working, not participating) as it did sign-carriers.

Then there was the Occupy group on the steps of city hall. That looked mostly like a camping spot for the homeless people. There were a few young people on BMX bikes, but everyone else looked homeless.

So then we trundled south and I found a little gadget that let’s me send my camera photos directly to my iPad. The setup and learning curve took the rest of the afternoon. But it works now!

After that I pounded in some staples to fix one side of the Velcro to the walls of the camper. I can now remove my blackout curtains without fear of the Velcro coming unstuck from the wall.

It’s dark now. Keegan wanted to come inside so we’re hanging out together.
I’m going to make some soup and then we may stay here for the night and see what happens.

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