Been busy.

My aunts’ funeral is today. I tried to figure out how to get there but with two dogs it wasn’t going to be reasonable.

My last oncology appointment was yesterday. It’s been 10 years since my breast cancer and since the tumor in my head is benign I’m all done!

I loaded up all the boxes that were scattered around my apartment and took them out to the truck to take them to the trash bin across the parking lot. My house looks a lot neater now. 🙂

I’m taking 3 classes on so I’ve been studying a lot and keeping busy that way as well. Two courses are pretty simple introductory courses but the third is called Introduction by Mathematical Thinking and its taught by Keith Devlin! It’s a tough one. I’ve spent 99% of my time on that one course.

Kalev and I have spent a lot of time bonding. We play together, instead of just working together. I can tell the difference in our bond in just the past week.

Our trainer was honoured by the town where we do all of our training last Tuesday. Kalev and I were there. Kalev got several photos taken of him. He’s so photogenic! It was hard for me, standing up in front of all those people. Kalev knows when I’m upset but he acts out then, I guess because he doesn’t know what else to do for me. We are still learning how to interact during those times, he needs to learn to be calm but supportive and I need to learn to pay attention to him instead of getting more frustrated and upset.

My truck is needing some repair so I hope to get to the repair shop on Monday and see what it will take to get it repaired.

I’ve been doing some exercising and today I can feel it. But I hope it will help me lose some weight.

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