Made it to Little Rock, AR

Kalev was shaking the last leg of the flight, worse than the first leg. There was more turbulence on the 2nd leg so I’m hoping that’s the reason.

First thing off the plane was a visit to the pet relief area. Then off to the Petco to get a small bag of dog food and a few more treats to go into his treat toy.

Then he went and ripped his treat toy in half!
Fortunately I’d also picked up a medium chewer nylabone. He’ll tear thru it in a couple weeks but he gets more satisfaction from the softer chew toys. I just have to replace them more often.

So we played with his chew toys for a manic 40 or so minutes. Then we both laid down on the floor and took a nap.

If I can find a replacement for his treat toy i’ll replace it, otherwise he’ll just have to make do with the nylabone.

For now we’re listening to a Harry Potter audio book on my iPad and relaxing.

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