Keegan’s Book.

The book I wrote about Keegan is on it’s way to the publisher. 

This is just a self-published book to see if the publisher does a decent job with picture books. 
If the printing is up to snuff and the cost is what it’s been priced out to be then I’ll redo the book to include Kalev (cut some stuff out, put some new stuff in) and we’ll publish it commercially.

I’m hoping (hoping hoping!) that it will work out and I’ll actually be able to publish a book that makes a difference.

If I did publish it I’d love to be able to do some “readings” at bookstores and libraries to kids (and their parents I suppose <grin>) and share with them what a service dog does.

I think there’s a real need for something like this. So many of our soldiers come home with PTSD and TBI, and an ever increasing number are turning to service dogs for help, that I think it would greatly help not just the children of those veterans, but also help other children who see these dogs out and about in society.


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