Convoluted, but with a point.

These are the types of things that used to send me over the edge. 
My external hard drive is bricked. Less than two months old and it’s stopped working. I bought it from Amazon so I could probably send it back but it has all my music on it. And I no longer have those cds because when I was living in my truck cds were a big bulky item I couldn’t afford to keep.  So…  Just a few short months ago this type of thing would have overwhelmed me to the point of collapse. It is stuff like this that reminds me how far I’ve come in just a few months.

When the VA approved my claim I was sliding down pretty fast. I think it was a combination of being homeless and not having the correct meds and treatment. It wasn’t because I wasn’t trying but I couldn’t find a doctor who could give me the meds in conjunction with the counseling I was receiving.  They were trying, I acknowledge that. But it wasn’t working.

Then I started seeing a psychologist and psychiatrist thru the VA, those who also worked in conjunction with the records from my civilian psych I’d been seeing when I could (at cost I might add). 

Now days I can go in and tell them when I’m having trouble, and when I’m doing well. They can adjust my meds immediately when needed. 
They can give me the immediate counseling help if it’s an emergency, like it was during the holidays, along with regularly scheduled counseling. I have access to classes to learn how to handle emotional reactions to things that just aren’t going to change.

It’s all up to me to take advantage of these things but finally the help is available.

Which leads me to some stuff I’ve seen floating around the net recently. Comments that people with PTSD or similar difficulties should be “registered”. 
This concerns me greatly. 
There is a large minority in this country today with PTSD; I’d guess that those most likely to own guns are those that are most likely to use them responsibly, soldiers. 
To think that because of some persons who aren’t aware that they have “issues” are doing destructive (evil?) things that the uneducated would decide that those who ARE aware (those very ones who would be in the system and thus able to be “registered”) should be registered is unconscionable. 
It isn’t the ones who are aware that they have issues and are seeking help that need to be discriminated against. 
To do so would only drive those who want to get help but are afraid of such things further away from the help they want and need. 

I don’t think I’m making a very good case for my argument. But I wanted to get my viewpoint out. If a registry does come into being I know I’ll be on it, as will most of the rest of the veterans I know. 
The very ones most likely to be able to protect our people, even here at home, will be the ones most strictly prohibited from doing so.
Sound scary yet?

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