Hello again everyone.

I’ve been awol for a few months. There was so much to deal with coming back into the world of the homed. 
I think I’m at a place where I can start updating things again, letting everyone know where I’m at and how things are going. 

First and foremost, Keegan retired Nov 11th, Veteran’s Day. Kalev came into our lives Nov 30th. Yesterday, Kalev took his Public Access Test and passed with flying colors! I was never so proud of him as I was yesterday. He’s now a full fledged, registered, service dog.

He still has quite a bit of training to do yet, additional tasks and maturation, but he’s learned enough that he’s dependable now.

Keegan spends her days sleeping on my bed and snoring. Or chewing on chew toys with tasty treats inside them. Or sleeping on the couch watching the door, I know this because she doesn’t move that fast anymore and I’ll come in the front door to see her lifting her head off of her paws, snoozing on the couch. Only to have her come bounding, as much as a 14 year old dog can bound, over to meet me. : )

I’ll try to bring everyone up to date in future posts. Soon!

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