<whiny post>

Civilized life is hard! <insert stomping of feet and wild arm flailing here>

Actually, while I make fun of myself, it isn’t the great big “hard” things, it’s the little things that use all of your reserves and then you have no time to recharge.

It doesn’t help that it takes me 2-3 times longer to recharge than it apparently does “normal” people.


I spent the weekend “dogsitting”. It wasn’t worth it. I didn’t sleep for 2 nights. Keegan was miserable. And I spent all day today trying to catch up on normal routine stuff that keeps me settled.


School has started. The teacher is useless. I get home and crash for 3-4 hours, no choice in the matter, I’m doing good to get home before I black out. Too much sensory overload. 


My stomach has hurt for over a week now, I constantly feel like I’m on the verge of throwing up; whether I’ve eaten anything or not. And eating only makes it worse.


I am not a happy camper at the moment.


</whiny post>


On the plus side, I’m getting *much* better at my cello. Some of it is starting to sound like phrases and music instead of just sawing back and forth on the strings! And only occasionally does the strangling cat make an appearance. 😀 

I’m going to try a cello lesson at the local music store and see how I do.


In other news, the dryers were either all broken or all in use today when I did laundry BUT… the washers spin so well that I was able to just hang all my clothes up around the house and let them air dry. And they’re already dry! Well done central air.


Tomorrow will be spent attempting to finish my homework and read the next section in the textbook. Fortunately, I can usually figure out what I’m being asked to do by reversing the steps in the solution guide. There is one section that I did though and got almost every problem incorrect… huh… that can’t be good… so it’ll be office hours on wednesday and hope the instructor will actually talk about the math instead of his catholic school upbringing (where they actually got an education unlike today apparently).

I have to admit I’m very nervous about the exams, this teacher seems the type to enjoy trick questions. However, I suppose that if I pass I’ll be another notch up on my self-learning and better prepared for calculus.


Oh! anyone see the start of the new Dr. Who season? Last night here in the states. Gotta say I’m a bit confused; I thought he was … <spoiler> dead! </spoiler>

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  1. Tim

     /  September 6, 2012



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