Rough weekend but better now

For various reasons I had a tough weekend. Down, really down, bad memories, etc etc.
But I was able, eventually, to get through it and by Sunday evening I was doing okay. My cello had a lot to do with breaking the cycle, I’m not very good but I’m good enough to play a bit of my feelings. Plus, I can see progress from my practicing and that makes me feel good.

Today, Monday, I was alert and squared away enough to get some errands done. I closed my post office box, got my text book ordered from the book store, and got my neck unkinked. All of these involved waiting in lines with people all about.

Now I’m dog watching and doing a bit of training with a hyper pit bull mix (incredibly sweet, very energetic).

I still have to go grocery shopping soon but one set of errands per week. Though I’ll have to get dog food tomorrow for Keegan.

Anyway, good start to my day.

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