Today was frightening (for me)

First I realized I had to go to the vet and get Keegan a refill on her arthritis meds. It’s a complicated entrance to the place and I almost also get anxious getting in there. It wasn’t something I was looking forward to.

Then, while the mail brought a good piece it also brought a bad piece.
There was a collection notice for $230 and some that said they were collecting for AT&T. What?! I knew my bills were up to date and I knew it couldn’t be an old bill because they wouldn’t have let me start up service if I still had an unpaid bill from years and years ago.
So I called AT&T, finding the correct number took a bit, and finally talked to a rep who said that they’d been getting reports of scams on their customers. He said don’t pay it. But as soon as I get access to a fax machine I’ll fax it to their fraud customer service department.
All better, but once the adrenaline gets started it takes hours and hours to tamp it back down, sometimes days. This is the real struggle for me. Adrenaline triggers lots of things, most of them not good.

The good piece of mail was the letter verifying that my student loans are in forebearance; but I had to take this to the school and wait in line with lots of people around me so I could present it to the financial aid office. I did this but apparently the person in the student loan office is still at lunch because the hold hasn’t been removed yet. I can’t register until the hold is removed. If the one class I can take isn’t full by the time all this gets sorted out I’ll be taking trigonometry. Otherwise I’ll be waiting until next semester; which wouldn’t be a terrible thing.

Now I’m at home waiting for a couple phone calls. One letting me know that Keegan’s prescription is ready for pick up and one letting me know the hold has been removed.
So I made myself a smoothie with some frozen fruit, a couple tablespoons of yogurt, some stevia, and a tiny bit of water. Yum! Healthy and good for me.

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