I did it!

I went to crew practice today!

Only 3 people from the team showed up though so I went out in a single.
All the medium skill level boats were in use so I took out one of the racing singles. I figured I’d flip (and swim) since its been so long since I’ve been in a single. I bobbled a fait bit but once I got my balance I ended up doing quite well!

It did show me how out of shape I was, like I needed any more demonstrations.

Anyway, I was feeling really good so I asked my buddy Sam to go to Ikea with me. I got a blanket finally. And a few more bookcases/shelves.

After we got back to his place we did a little bit of bow shooting. I really like how some of his latest works are turning out.

I did do my mile in two 1/2 mile increments.
My next goal is to run a full 30 minutes and focus on time running instead of milage run.

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