first week home in review

The first couple days I was pretty lost. I slept a lot, wandered around my apartment just looking at stuff, and tried to figure out where to go next.

Starting Monday I was back at my part-time job taking care of some dogs of some friends of mine every day at noon.
That started the routine.

Tuesday I tried doing some of the old things in my routine, running on my treadmill, studying my languages on Rosetta Stone, practicing my instruments, cleaning my apartment.

The mid-week was slow progress. I still spent a lot of time pacing around my apartment, trying to remember where I was and what I had set out to do.
But I did go grocery shopping, twice.
The first grocery run was mostly fruits and veggies and since the food was so poor at the VA hospital I was starving for fresh fruits and veggies. I think that’s all I ate for two days.
The second grocery run was a bit more balanced.

Yesterday, Thursday, I felt like I might be starting to get a hang on routine again.
I got my languages done for a second day in a row. I did time on my treadmill for the 3rd day in a row. I finally spent some time on my drums. And I cleaned up my kitchen a bit.

Today, I’ve done my languages, done my mile on the treadmill (I’m up to doing a 1/2 mile at a time, without a break, and with good form), and I washed all the dishes in the kitchen.
I was thinking of trying to get some time for some tethered swimming in the apt pool but it’s not open; I can see out my window that the maint. man is adding chemicals so no swimming today.

Still.. I feel like I’m starting to get my feet under me again.

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