The President is in town and traffic is fucked.

I went the wide way around this afternoon to avoid the Presidential traffic. But it seems that either his plane was late or when they said the President is in town from 4-9pm they meant that he landed at 4.
I was the last car through the intersection when they stopped all traffic on one of the smaller freeways.
I had planned to stop by the VA and take care of some stuff but all the exits were blocked off.

I’ve never seen so many police and secret service in one place before. But perhaps that just pays tribute to my determined ability to avoid such high profile events.

I was followed off of the interstate by a shiny black (very shiny) SUV who pulled off behind me and then did a U-turn to enter the freeway on the other side. I didn’t stay to watch but I assume s/he used his/her bright shiny flashing lights to clear a way to the front of the line that was waiting for traffic to be allowed forward again.

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