Applying what I’ve learned.

One of my biggest fears about being home was that I wouldn’t think to use the tools once I had other things on my mind. Not so.

Yesterday I found myself listening to a very ingrained teaching, “if you aren’t working as hard as you can then you’re being lazy. And laziness is a sin and will be punished.”
Who made this rule up? (probably Puritan forefathers but that beside the point for this instance) Who is going to punish me for relaxing, truly relaxing?

That sentence, “If you aren’t working….” is what we called a “stuck point” in class. A “story”, or belief, that we tell ourselves out of habit with no regard to its veracity.

The first step is recognizing the story/belief.

The second step I’ll do today.

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  1. Anonymous

     /  July 17, 2012

    Good point, keep teaching me…

  2. Katydid

     /  July 17, 2012

    Do have a look at again – over and over again she disputes that old idea.


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