Good day so far!

I’ve mostly been cleaning up, organizing, stuff like that. But I did connect with a couple people and will hopefully meet up with them this coming week.

I did 1/4 mile on my treadmill and will do another 1/4 before I go to bed this evening.
It’s difficult to build back so slowly but I’m out of shape so badly I know I’d hurt myself if I tried to increase any faster.

Keegan seems content to be back and spends a lot of time on her fluffy dog bed watching me scamper around.

I’m trying to figure out the organization of my main room. I think I’m ready for a small couch or something similar but my treadmill takes up most of the room and I’m not willing to give up my treadmill.
It’s my nap time so maybe something will come to me in my sleep. Hmmmmm..

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