All out of order. Tue evening, 5-29-12

Theres no immediate wifi access here so even though I’m going to be writing posts they may get uploaded in a different order.

I’ve started meeting some of the other women on the floor. The women have a locked ward in that it takes a special key to get in. The men can’t get in and the women in the other programs who aren’t on this floor can’t get on.
It’s actually a good system and they’ve done their best to make a safe place complete with a TV lounge and a very nice bathroom. A good bathroom goes a lonnnnng way.

It still feels like a barracks though.

Dinner was better though the “protein” was still a mystery. But there was milk and canned pears. And canned chicken soup with the broth and little noodles.

Several of the women here are my age. I was hoping for this, hoping it might give me an easier peer group.

There’s supposed to be 8 women in the program and I think 5 of us are here so far. The rest of the women on the floor are in different programs.

I doubt I’ll sleep tonight, I usually don’t when there are bed checks, something about strangers coming into my “safe” space several times a night.
But at least I’ll have Keegan with me.

I am tired though.
My roommate isn’t supposed to show up until tomorrow so I may try and get some sleep this evening before all the bed checks start.

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