2 more weeks…

We have 1 week of “serious” classes then a week of talks, discharge appts, and graduation.

I’m glad we only have a week left because I’m losing motivation; similar to what I feel like 2 weeks before finals.

I’m also glad because I’ve been feeling ill the past week. My stomach is all in cramps, my heart has been racing, and my legs are still cramping up every night.

In other news, my appleID password won’t work no matter how many times I change it. So I haven’t been able to update my iPhone or purchase anything new.
I may have to go to the apple store to get it cleared up.

Tomorrow I and my two roomies are taking a daytrip to Austin. I have to pay my rent and pay my utility bills. While we’re there we’re going to take the duck tour, visit Torchy’s Tacos, and any other small activity that strikes our fancy.
We’ll be back in Temple by evening.

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