back in the computer lab

class starts later today by 30 minutes so I’m able to get into the computer lab for a few minutes.

Let’s see, yesterday was interesting. We have several classes like “anger management”, “stress reduction”, etc. Yesterday was anger management.

What happened was I’d noticed in the last week that 2/3 of the class had started rolling their eyes and cross-signing amongst themselves whenever I answered a question.
I know I’m a bit “different”, part of this difference is noticing such things but usually not being able to figure out why or what to do about it.
(yes, I have/am high level aspergers traits)

Well, yesterday the instructor, a very straight forward woman, noticed all this crap happening and called the class on it. Of course I was in tears, it’s very stressful here, dealing with lots of deep emotional trauma, and having 4 people gang up on you and then defend themselves can be tear inducing.
Anyway, they all got a dressing down and a lesson out of it.
I got told to continue to be who I was.
Everyone is tiptoeing around today. The ringleader is still snubbing me. eh. (shrug)

The day before there was a lot of screaming in the hallway, turns out there’s a baby mouse somewhere and it had made a dash across the hallway, the woman mopping the hallway floor was afraid of mice. Ever single door in the hallway opened as women came running out to see what the danger was. That was amusing.

Last night my roommate and I ordered chinese. A very nice break from chow hall food.

Our last week and a half has been mostly writing down the traumas with as much detail as possible, smells, tastes, tactile sensations, everything. Talk about reliving traumas. THat’s the purpose though, to get ALL of the event back into conscious memory so we can look at it critically and apply the skills we’re being taught to every aspect of the event. Very difficult.
Very draining. Very stressful.

We also do something called “ABC sheets”, part of the CPT method. A is for Action, B is for Belief, and C is for …uhmmm… I forgot, what we put in C is how we feel about the belief we put in B.
It’s quite useful but usually rather “in your face” and the hard part is you’re doing it to yourself!

We then do something called “stuck points”, also part of the CPT method. We have to do ABC sheets on all of our stuck points.

We also have homework for the other classes. But the rest ususally isn’t as difficult as the CPT homework.

One of my cousins, the one watching my place (Hi Marty!) sent me a sci-fi anthology (Best of) book to help with the boredom and overwhelmed times. It was so cool to get mail.

Out of time.. back to little iPhone updates for the weekend.

Be good you all!

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  1. stillstrange

     /  June 15, 2012

    Just goes to show that there is always someone whereever you go that will have an issue
    with you (I’m speaking in general from experience..not personally toward you) even if you’ve done nothing to piss them off. But, then again, your not in a place where everyone is without issues.

  2. There was this guy in the navy who didn’t like me, and I never could figure out why. But I remember sitting in my chief’s office one day, and this guy asked how a diesel engine worked. I explained how it worked, and he just kind of rolled his eyes and asked the question again as if I had no credibility. I was right, though, which really seemed to bother the guy who didn’t like me. It always really bothered me that he didn’t like me even though I didn’t like him very much either. But the only reason I didn’t like him was because he didn’t like me. Sometimes I just want to kiss his ass, but he’d probably kick mine.


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