Pretty busy

A couple people have emailed me asking how I was because I haven’t updated in a couple days, thank you!

We’ve been doing some tough work the past week, it’s been exhausting, both physically and mentally.

I hope this past week was the roughest and that everything is slightly easier from here on out. I don’t know if it will be though.

Today starts week 3, at the end of the week I’ll be halfway thru the program (the last week is all out processing).

I have found the music room and I’m getting drum lessons ☺.

I’m waiting to get blood drawn right now. I’ve been having really bad leg cramps every night the past week, charlie horses. Very painful.
So they’re drawing blood to see what electrolytes I’m short on. Fortunately these phlebotomists are very good.

I’ll try and write a bit more often so you all know I’m alive 😉

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  1. Jerryprism

     /  June 11, 2012

    For some reason this popped up on my email titled as “Pretty bust.” so I wasexpecting something salacious. Imagine my surprise when I readyour thoughtfull piece

    • That’s because my automatic spell checker changed my misspelling of busy to bust. I noticed it as soon as it had uploaded so it was changed within 30 seconds but the notice had already been sent out so you saw the original title. 😜

  2. Katydid

     /  June 11, 2012

    Me, too. I wondered if perhaps you had started doing sculptures….


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