Easy day for me today

My psych/case manager is out today so I don’t have my psych appt today.
The psych appt’s are difficult. That’s where we read our written accounts of the traumas; reading them out loud is much more difficult than writing them. Then we discuss what we’ve written and read and attempt to apply the tools we’ve been learning.

But I won’t be facing that today. So I have some free time until the scheduled classes start up again at 11am.

This afternoon I have a meeting with a social worker to see if I can get some help finding a cheaper apartment. Something that won’t be 2/3 of my income.

My roommate and I got some simple card games to play for relaxation when we’re really wound up but too tired to think straight. It helps release stress and makes us laugh.

Keegan’s weight has stabilized I think. I’m feeding her full rations twice a day, 3-6 eggs a day, a heaping tablespoon of peanut butter a day, 3-4 dried chicken breast strips a day, and whatever little treats my roommate gives her. She’s finally stopped losing weight.

All for now, more later.

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