ABC Worksheets

Anyone heard of ABC worksheets?

It’s another version of “stories”.
A is the event that happened, just the facts of what happened.
B is the belief, or the interpretation, about what happened.
C is how that belief makes you feel.

The exercise is to look at the interpretation and study it critically, then to determine whether or not that interpretation is realistic.

If it isn’t a realistic interpretation then we have to give a reason why it isn’t realistic and come up with a realistic interpretation and the feeling that might come with a realistic interpretation.

We do one worksheet a day for this week about whatever event that strikes our fancy during the day. It can be a negative, positive, or neutral feeling, doesn’t matter; we just need to be aware of the event, our thought, and our emotion about that thought.

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  1. This sounds exactly like the cognitive therapy advocated in that book, Feeling Good by David Burns.


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