Pissed off my first floor mate

We have a women’s table; it’s so we can eat without being constantly bothered.

The men here are very friendly, polite, but just a bit too friendly.
They have their own reasons for being here.
But the separate table is nice so we don’t have to deal with the flirting.

Anyway, some of the women like to call out hello’s from the wens table, which brings the men over to the table to have a conversation.
This completely destroys the “male-free bubble” around the women’s table because more men start to stop by to talk.

This morning I asked one of the women at the table what was the appropriate way to let the guys know we wanted them to go ahead and move on, that they weren’t welcome at the women’s table.

This woman got very upset.
My guess is that she thought I was bitching at her, which is reasonable as she’s one of the worst offenders at calling men over to the women’s table.
But I really wasn’t referring to her when I asked her, I asked her because she was the only one at the table with me and she’s been here a while so I figured she’d know the ropes.

She’s saying hi again tonight so I hope that means she’s gotten over it.

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