Friday afternoon

Done for the day.

We met this morning to receive directions and then were released.

I stayed in the group meeting room to take advantage of the table so I could work on the assigned homework.

There was a women’s health fair at the main hospital at 10am so my roomie and I walked over there and looked around.

When we came back we hung out in our room for a bit before she went off to do some of her stuff and I took a nap.

I just got back from the gym where I had my referral appt; this is required before you can use the gym at all.

When my roomie gets back from her appts we’re going to catch the bus to Walmart. I’m going to find some shorts or sweats to wear that won’t have all the men staring at my butt. Men here stare at any butt, I don’t want to give them any encouragement to do so.

The facilitators keep telling us that we’re not going to have any free time but so far we haven’t been that busy. I am a bit nervous about that though once all the classes get started it looks like they may be correct.

Monday looks like the day the real haul begins.
A good part of the exhaustion isn’t being awake and sitting in class, it’s the emotional content, and the tension from so many people being at their tipping point all gathered together in one small place.

I’m not sure what I’ll be doing tomorrow. Exercising for sure but other than that….
I could drive back to Austin, it’s allowed, but that’s an expensive drive.
Probably take a nap.

Which leads me to the nights. They do bed checks every two hours starting at midnight. And nurses are usually still walking around giving out appts until about 10pm. So neither I nor my roomie get much sleep at night. When one of your biggest fears is someone coming into your sleeping area at night…you can see why bed checks keep us in a state of constant vigilance.
We asked the head nurse if they’d be able to knock before they entered. One, it would let us know they weren’t trying to sneak up on us the way an assailant would, two, it allows the startle response to happen to something that isn’t a trigger.
The nurses said yes, they could do that and started it last night. It was much better! I was able to get to sleep again much faster after they came through each time.

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