Treatment method

The treatment method being used here is CPT, cognitive processing therapy.

It seems like an intense form of “find the stories in your beliefs”, separating facts from emotions and beliefs.

I used the word intense already, it looks like it will be very very intense. No looking away and trying again at a later time. Sure, you can cry, that doesn’t mean you can walk away and not deal with whatever that issue is at the moment.

This afternoon is essays, homework.

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  1. Ann

     /  May 31, 2012

    Reads like a slightly mellower CBT, which I thought was the standard therapy VA used for PTSD patients. A friend with severe anxiety found CBT really helpful, but had to go through it a few times before he figured out which parts were useful and which he needed to just set aside because they weren’t right for him. I hope you’re able to get some real good out of it.


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