Made it through the night

My roommate showed up last night with a shitzou puppy. I think the dogs will get used to each other, they’ve done well so far.

Bed checks startled me and woke me up 3 times; good thing though is that the nurse mentioned that she wouldn’t be checking our room as often because the puppy barked each time. Go puppy!

This morning is hurry up and wait. I’m sittin in a room with a few of the others, they’re all doing paperwork that I did yesterday. So… *twiddling thumbs*

I did bring a ball of yarn and a pair of knitting needles, and I can write these blog posts on my phone (promised wifi doesn’t exist) to use some of the time.

Keegan is as bored as I am.

Oh, breakfast…the cornflakes were the best thing and they were stale.

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