Hey Jerry (why I’m here)

Since Jerry sort of asked, here’s the deal on the place.

I was not committed, I actually applied to come here and it was a several month long process of interviews and such to get in.

This is supposed to be intensive personal and group therapy in a safe environment.
So we can deal with the stuff that happened to us without having to go out grocery shopping that afternoon and having flashbacks in the parking lot.

It’s also to get just enough of us together to let us look around and realize that we aren’t isolated. MST is a very isolating event, more so because of the environment (both culturally and in terms of power balance) where it takes place.
We are/were soldiers, we endure and fight without whining, even if it’s “friendly fire” that injured us; this is the attitude, but it’s not the most useful attitude when dealing with being raped.

Here we are can see that we’re not the only person who’s been here and we are not alone in our journey (whatever that may be).

I can leave if I wish, for whatever reason. It will be considerably more difficult to get back in for a second chance though.

I’ve found out since I’ve been here that this is a national program; women are here from all over the country.
Though there’s only 8 of us in this session; the sizes are kept very small.

The meds aren’t the issue. My meds are stable and working quite well, in fact, one of the requirements to get in is that the meds be stable and working.

Let’s see, what else did you ask…

I’ll cover Keegan in another post…

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