My apartment is very blah and of course I can’t actually change anything. So I’m doing some temporary changing with double stick tape and painted mixed media paper.

This section of the wall is a set of double doors that hide the water heater and air circulation filters. There’s no room for me to store anything in there but it has to be accessible for maintenance.


I’m using colours that match where I am today. Yellow, orange, green, and blue. I have a lot of colours in my wardrobe now (well, a lot for me), and my 5-fingers sneakers are these colours, and my hammock chair. So it seems like a good overall match.

I haven’t decided what to do with it once I get the basic panels up. I don’t know if I should add some stripes or just leave it blocks.
I’ve only got the first 3 blocks up so far as you can see from the picture.


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