Pain decreased somewhat..

I slept really well last night.
My left hand still hurt it seemed that everytime it flared up it felt like it was having a hot flash.
This was annoying but not “painful”. I’d wake up enough to move my hand outside the blanket but went back to sleep promptly.

I was given the right side wrist braces as well so my right wrist was comfy and non-pressured.

My thumb is still bendable this morning though still quite sore at the first joint. This could be in part to the shot, lonnnng needle, long shot.

Time to massage more cream into the tendons on both hands now.

Oh.. Things I’m trying to remember about the cream.. Since its for my hands I can’t wash my hands after application.
So.. for at least 30 minutes after application…
1. Don’t pet the dogs
2. Don’t rub your nose
3. Don’t try and pick anything up, it’s slippery before it absorbs
4. Don’t type on the iPad before it absorbs, worse fingerprints than usual
5. Don’t wipe sweat from your face

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