Only 2 more days with the 4-footers

Their people come home Saturday morning. I expect much chaos.

I’ve done well with the two larger dogs, they’ve learned a lot and broken some bad habits. They’ll need proper reinforcement thou after I leave.

The little dog.. arghghgh. I don’t know if the little dog is stupid or just doesn’t give a damn, I suspect the latter. After almost 3 weeks of working with this dog he still just stares at me when I give him a command. No amount of positive reinforcement makes a difference, no amount of firm commands.

To illustrate what works best here’s a typical run through of 3 minutes of commands when someone walks past the house.
Belmont: starts harrumphing, preparatory to baying
Me: leave it Belmont, no bark. Good boy Belmont, good leave it. That’s a good no bark.
Me: Pepper, leave it, you’re such a good girl for not barking Pepper.
Belmont: spinning in circles with the desire to bark his head off, whimpering
Me: you’re such a good dog Belmont! Good leave it. Gooooood boy!
Me: Spanky, shut up.

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  1. Anonymous

     /  May 24, 2012

    You crack me up Rachel!! Lol

  2. Alyce, you should meet this little mutt! All would become hilariously clear. That’s the only thing that saves him you know… that he’s SO outrageous I end up laughing at him instead of getting angry.

    Seriously, I don’t even bother to raise my voice with him, sort of an aside actually.. “Spanky.. Shut up.”


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