So it’s not carpal tunnel

It’s a tendon “disorder” that the nurse didn’t remember the name of when she came out to tell me about the anti-inflammatories that we’re being prescribed.
I’ll call the clinic tomorrow and see if I can get the name of what it is.

It does look like I’ve got a future referral to both orthopedic and rheumatology for when I get back from the in-treatment thing in July.

Meanwhile the emphasis is on keeping the swelling down and managing the pain. The nurse also said that she was going to put in a referral to the pain management clinic but that won’t be of ant use to me until I’m back either.

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  1. stillstrange

     /  May 23, 2012

    Are there any Doctors/Nurses on staff while your in treatment in case you have a severe problem or will you just have to end treatment?

  2. There’s a nurse on staff and the actual hospital is across the, rather large, parking lot. So I’d be in good hands if there was an emergency.


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