Go Keegan go.

Keegan is my service dog. Everyone knew that yeah?

She’s been to the VA here often enough that she’s quite comfortable here now. She does her job, she watches, keeps the buffer zone, and calms me down when I start getting anxious.

The electrical nerve tracing wasn’t comfortable. In fact, it was a bit painful and had me jerking quite a bit and yelping once.

After the second jerk and the yelp Keegan moved from her down-stay and positioned herself between me and the doc.
She didn’t growl or menace, didn’t threaten in any way. She just moved into position and let the doc know she was there.
The doc was really dog friendly though and she stopped and let me know what keegan was doing and where she was and then told Keegan “your momma’s okay, she’s okay”.
She didn’t try to make Keegan move, just kept talking to her, and me, throughout the rest of the procedure. I calmed down the jerking once I knew what was coming so Keegan calmed down too.

When we were all done she told Keegan what a good girl she was.

I was very impressed with her, both the doctor and Keegan.

I’ve never seen a doc handle a service dog that well.

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  1. It sounds like she has good bedside AND dogside manners.

  2. She certainly impressed me!
    If I could put in a commendation for her I would.


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