Shopping done

I did get to the Radio Shack yesterday, and the grocery store as well. They were both in the same shopping complex.

I found them completely by accident. I left the neighbourhood by the back way and then got turned around and took off in the wrong direction. I realised it almost immediately so got off the highway the next mile down and turned around. Lo and behold, there was a little shopping complex on the other side of the freeway.
So I ended up finding the closest grocery store to where I’m dog-sitting, which is a good thing.

It was such a short and non-eventful trip that I had some energy left to do the experiment I had to get the supplies for.

This morning the dogs woke me up at 3am by pacing around, 4 sets of dog nails clicking on hardwood would wake almost anyone up. I guess they all wanted to go out for one reason or another. It didn’t take long but I was awake by that time.
So I did a couple hours of language study, both Hebrew and Spanish. I’m starting to feel a bit drowsy again so hopefully I’ll get a few more hours sleep before I have to face the rest of the day.

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