Good day.

First of all, I slept pretty well last night, only one dream that woke me up and I got back to sleep afterwards. Then I slept in until I felt like getting up. Then I remembered to eat breakfast. Woot!!

Then, yesterday when I was home I decided to bring one of my hobbies back with me since the hardest thing about being here is not being able to do the things that interest me. Not many of my hobbies are extremely portable.
So I brought my electronics kit back with me.

Today I’ve been happily immersed in volts and amps and resistance, using what I learned in chemistry to further my understanding of electronics.

(I love how all knowledge is interrelated and how suddenly all those bits and pieces that I couldn’t figure out the applicability all those years/months ago now are applicable. Why can our schools not teach this inter-connectivity during middle school and up?)

But now I’m at a standstill until I get to a radio shack and get a few supplies.
I have to decide if my urge to stay home and stay relaxed will overcome my desire to continue my electronics learning. Driving is stressful for me and frequently overwhelms my stability so it is actually a serious question. There’s the very real likelihood that if I were to drive to the store I’d be so overwhelmed that I wouldn’t be able to continue with my electronics when I got back anyway. Frustrating.

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