Much better today

Today is feeling much better. I feel alert, not half asleep.

I’ve still got a bit of a headache trying to form (varying weather does it) but it isn’t bad yet and I think I can head it off.

I finally got smart and put the 3 dogs I’m sitting in their kennels for the 40 minutes all the neighbourhood dog walkers like to come by. That stopped the non-stop baying and barking. That helped my mood tremendously I think.

Since they’ve been out they’ve been fairly calm, no spinning in circles while baying antics (no neighbours and their dogs walking by) so it’s been fairly peaceful.

I have some stuff to do today but not too much so I think, hope, it will be a good day.

Yes, good day so far. A morning of Dr. Who audio books and knitting a tea towel. Calm dogs.
All is good.

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