Bad thing, good thing, repeat.

My goal for today is to end on a good thing.

I did have one errand today that I couldn’t put off as it involved other people. So I got ready to go and then found out my battery was dead.

There’s a bad switch in my blinker circuit, sometimes the switch comes on and the blinkers run the battery down. Looked like they’d been on all night and this morning if the time on the radio was correct.

But, I called Sam, who happened to only be a few miles away on his way home. He was there in 15 minutes, maybe less. Battery got some juice and is a happy little camper again.

Then I get where I’m going and realise that I have a nasty headache brewing. Bad thing.

But, I had a packet of BC aspirin powder with me… Good thing.

Then I went into my appt and got a facial waxing. The girl got my eyebrows wrong and I look a bit odd. But, they’ll grow back soon and at least I’m no longer the bearded lady.

Then, I went to the grocery store and a clerk says to me, while petting her, we’ll just pretend she’s a service dog she’s so well trained. Uhmmmm… She is a service dog, see that orange cape she’s wearing?
But, she did her job above and beyond and even though I was sounding like a woman doing Lamaze exercises by the time I got out of there I did get a bag full of fruit and nuts. Enough for 2-3 days anyway.

Then we came back to my friends place to check on their dogs and let them out of their crates. They seem calmer than usual and that is good.

So many ups and downs today; I’m exhausted!

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