Up too early

Today I woke up at 3:30am.
And I haven’t been able to get back to sleep, the upcoming residential program has me wigged out. Stress, anxiety, whatever.
I can acknowledge the presence (mindfulness class) til the cows go out but I still don’t know what to do about it.

How does acknowledging that the emotions are there help me cope with the results of the emotions?

Meanwhile, I can’t sleep, I want to sleep, my eyes are tired, my brain is tired.
It’s the wee hours of the morning when all my neighbors are sleeping so I have to stay quiet; I know how easily sound carries in these apartments so I won’t peruse any of the activities I usually would do in the daytime.

I’m too frazzled to read or draw or do anything that takes a whole lot of brain power, but it has to have enough action to keep my attention.

I spent the last hour playing with my breadboard and resistors, making little circuits and watching the little LED light up. Wheeeee! (actually, it is quite fun to see the little LED light up, must be the kindergartener in me)

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