Today was a good day after a shaky (early) morning

I got back to sleep so got another couple hours, enough to last the day.

I went to the bank and got my debit card renewed and got a separate account set up as a laundry card (the washers/dryers in this area are using debit cards instead of quarters now) so I don’t need to worry about a lost card having access to my main bank account.
That was my big task for the day as it took an hour to do and the were some very rude customers that really set me on edge, the employees were awesome.

Then I went to let the dogs of my friends out for their midday break and did some light training with my favourite and some gentle work with the skittish dog and mostly laughed at the little dog.

Then own of their owners came home early so I got to chat with her for a bit and that was good because she’s very busy and I don’t get to see her just for fun that often.

This evening I repacked my bag for the next couple months and trimmed down my packing yet again. And made notes of things not yet packed etc etc.

And I got my mile on the treadmill done.

That’s quite a bit for one day for me. I’m happy with today’s progress and feel like I can go to bed without that non-definable guilt that usually haunts me into sleep.

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