I’ve started packing, so I guess I’m going…

…even if my psyche hasn’t gotten completely on board with the idea.

When I said that it looked like Boot Camp all over again, a friend said “well think of it as a boot camp for the new phase of your life”.
That makes sense.
It’s also about the same length too; the key point being it has an ending.
I can usually handle anything if I know there is an end to it and time to recover afterwards.

I could get everything I’m taking in one bag if I wasn’t packing for Keegan as well.
I’m allowed two bags so the second bag will be food/water bowls, grooming tools, her glucosamine “treats” with her chew toy she takes them from, and her food.
I think I’ll also toss a soccer ball in for myself.

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  1. Anonymous

     /  May 9, 2012

    Best thoughts for you!

  2. Maybe… just maybe! … it’s a “reboot” camp. Maybe they’ve thought through it enough to make it feel more like a respite than something that will make a respite afterward seem necessary.


    Hoping for a useful and clarifying experience for you, Rachel.

  3. They sure don’t make it sound like a respite, their 3/8″ doc makes it sound pretty intimidating.
    But I appreciate the line of thought. đŸ˜€


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