No peer group yet

I went to the VA appt, it was supposed to be a peer group meeting of women who are or have been homeless. But I was the only one that was there. I wasn’t surprised, I wouldn’t have been there if I was still homeless, I wouldn’t have even known about it.

Still, I have hopes it was worth something.

I did not get any practicing done but I have been busy.
I’m trying to increase my daily walking amount. But I need to do it at small amounts over the afternoon so I don’t give myself shin splints.
It does come back and I have hope that if I stay smart about how much I increase that I’ll start getting in shape again.

Keegan got a mostly empty peanut butter jar this evening, partially to distract her from possible thunderstorms tonight, partially just because I love her and there’s little happier than a dog with a peanut butter jar.

One thing that always surprises me is the exclamation of “she’s so soft!” when people touch her. Well of course she is! She’s a long haired fuzzy dog who gets brushed regularly and lots of water and good food. What else would she be!

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