Cancer free so far!

But they want to put me on Tamoxifen due to past results.

The very nice young lady doc (I’m loving that so many of my doctors are women btw) gave me bunches of info on different options and the whys and wherefores and said “go home, get online and research (she gave me some websites to start with), think about it while I delve into your past results further and I’ll schedule a follow up with you in a month or so”. For the VA, a followup in just a month is moving pretty steady.

She also wants to put my name in the pool for genetic testing, to see if I carry either of the mutated genes. She did say though that if the VA approved me for the testing I would want to buy life insurance before the testing because some companies in some states refuse to sell life insurance to people with the mutated gene.

I asked how the genetic testing would be worth anything since I don’t have children and don’t intend to have any at my age (I’m 43 this month). She said it would likely change some of the options they gave me for prevention, closer monitoring or possible surgery.

So far the Tamoxifen is looking pretty acceptable to me. I’m already getting hot flashes so the risk of further hot flashes is well.. more of the same. Thrombotic events aren’t good but the risk of those is low. It looks to me like the benefits far outweigh the risk for someone who’s having biopsies done every few years.

Anyone out there been on Tamoxifen? Anything to share?

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