Whisking the day away!

Yes, Stillstrange, your gift arrived at the post office. It was gift wrapped and everything!

Thank you! 😀

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  1. stillstrange

     /  April 30, 2012

    Just out of curiosity, what did you receive? Curious if it was the first gift or the 2nd? Due to your title, I have a suspicioun it was the first. If so, I cannot believe it finally got there. :}

  2. It was the whisk!
    I can’t believe they’ve been holding it all this time! Sheesh! No wonder the postal service is ging out of business.

    ps. it’s a *nice* whisk! 😀

  3. stillstrange

     /  May 2, 2012

    It was on your List. I gave you a tracking # for a replacement gift in your post about the Post Office and I’m going to check on it now, Maybe you’ll get that in a month. Sheesh.


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