insert maniacal laughter here

My direct next door neighbor has a fairly dramatic boyfriend, at least I think it’s his boyfriend.
This fellow will come bang on the door for 10 minutes straight. I think he kicks the door as well. (Next time I’m tempted to go out and say something like “if he hasn’t answered by now he’s not going to.” but that’d probably not be smart.)
When they’re not banging on doors they’re, well, not fighting, but a lot of really loud voices.

When I moved in I was leery of playing my cello anytime I wanted to. I didn’t want to annoy the neighbors.
But now, I’m thinking that compared to the drama next door, my practicing my cello is fine, even when I play a note flat.

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  1. stillstrange

     /  April 24, 2012

    I would say give it a try although not at two in the morning or anything. You still don’t want to cause problems.

  2. Oh I’m not *that* maniacal. It not like I’m practicing the trumpet or tuba!

    Naw, I wait until at least 8am and I use a practice mute. I don’t want the whole building to suffer. 😀


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