Today has been good. I’ve slept a fair bit, read some, taken a bit more of the camper apart, spoiled the Keegan, and watched Real Madrid outplay Barcelona đŸ˜¦ .

I’ve started measuring the wood panels I took off my camper for use on my new school desk.
Tomorrow, if I’m not too worn out from my friends engagement party tonight. It looks to be quite the shindig, with lots of people and noise. I hope to be able to stay for at least 30 minutes!

People seem to be surprised I’m taking the camper apart. Even though they’ve been watching it come apart in the parking lot over the past week they all stop and so “what you building?” When I say I’m taking it apart they all gasp and say “but why?!”.
It just surprises me.

It’s awesome to see my truck as a truck again, at least more of a truck, than a camper. It will take another week to get the top off, I’ll have to cut it off because I can’t get to the screws under all the layers of paint.

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