Trigger Thumb

I think I finally figured out a way to keep my thumb from snapping on it’s own.

Trigger thumb hurts way out of proportion for what it is, and usually sneaks up on you when you’re most relaxed.
I’ve got braces to wear but they’re cumbersome, immobilize my whole hand (both hands) and is basically a cast from mid-forearm to fingers (and thumbs) on both sides. Difficult to do anything like that. I usually only sleep with those.

But for the daytime I decided to try a thumb splint (finger splint). There’s one that is called the “baseball” splint that is longer and reaches down past the palm (or back of the hand, if you wear it correctly) on one side.
I turned it around so the long end is on the palm of my hand, bent the splint so that it conforms to my thumb and now have a lightweight, non-intrusive (fairly so anyway) way of keeping my thumb straight relative to my hand. Hopefully no more middle of the night snaps and waking up with red spots in front of my eyes.

It might actually look scarier than the big braces but it sure feels a lot better.

looks worse than it is

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