I needed a day like today.

I took the day off, completely.

I dozed, listened to audio books, started three different knitting projects, finished one and unraveled two.
I watched TV, played indoor fetch and “gingerbread man”* with Keegan.

The only useful thing I did was make some rice and later in the evening, make Keegan her dinner.

Oh, I did put some eye bolts under the cabinet and hang up my fruit hammock, I guess that was useful.

I’ll attempt to attach a picture of the knitting project I did finish today. It’s a sock for my iPod. I’m hoping the nice bright cheerful colour will help me not lose it as often. Tat and provide it some additional protection when I drop it again, which I’m sure I will, eventually.

*”gingerbread man” is a game composed of the story of the scorpion, or gingerbread man, depending on which story you know, crossing the river on the fox’s back and the gingerbread man in Shrek.
Gingerbread man stuffed toy wants to ride across the river on keegans back but as the water gets deeper and deeper he ends up on her head, whereupon gingerbread man is tossed into the air and caught. When gingerbread man is caught he bemoans the general chewing he’s getting but is greatly distressed when he loses his gumdrop buttons.
It amuses us!


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